Who We Are

We are small creative app development company, but we are striving to ultimately take over the entire UK market! We know, we know... big dreams... but we are pretty smart about this app development business. But no worries - no matter how successful we become or how large or small your project is, we'll always be there for all of your software needs. We'll always be personally involved, innovative in process and energised by your project.

Why Our Clients Love Us

There is the Alcodist difference.

  • We are tech geeks

    We love technology and how it improves any business’s bottom line.

  • We are forward thinking

    We never look for the easy old and tired solution, we want the smartest one.

  • We care about our client needs

    Customer satisfaction is JOB 1. Whatever it takes we have you covered.

  • We deliver maximum value

    Your budget is not an afterthought. We deliver maximum value for every penny you spend.

  • We provide great user experience

    We make the complex simple with great user interface design.

  • We are brilliant people

    We are not kidding! We Are smart and we share our knowledge for your success.

On a serious note

With the marketplace becoming more and more saturated with competition, your apps must keep pushing the boundaries. You must stay ahead of the game. That is why you need a developer who knows what they are doing and has the skillset to create exactly what your business needs.

We encourage all small business owners to take the time to discover and then embrace all the new technologies available to launch, grow and operate their businesses. At Alcodist, we work with you to develop apps that will solve your problems and help you grow your business.

Ready to discuss your project?

We are ready to assist you with all of your software needs.