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What App Shall We Build Today?

We develop custom web, desktop and mobile apps for small and medium businesses. Our goal is to help you boost sales and maximize productivity.

Why are we different? We hire the most experienced freelancers from around the globe specifically for each and every project. Our high quality skilled developers are trained to save you time and deliver the best results.

Plus at Alcodist, we only do one thing and we do it really well - we build modern, multi-platform apps. Our vision and mission is simple - to be the UK’s best software development and design company, known for making the UK’s most iconic business apps. We are optimistic that as we build our clientele, our resources will grow and our ability to serve all of the UK will be achieved.

What We Do

Modern, revolutionary apps.

At Alcodist, we adhere to the comprehensive approach to app development, from markup to design to coding. All of our apps are built to succeed and exceed our clients and their customers expectations.

We are imaginative. We are innovative. We are dedicated to build your business.

From web to desktop to mobile, our apps stand out as powerful and responsive. They are developed to maximise your productivity while being effective and easy-to-use. Allow the experts at Alcodist, to help you take advantage of today’s digital marketplace.

  • Web

    We have experience with all popular web technologies and are able to develop solutions for any business.

  • Desktop

    Powerful apps that run right from your desktop are increasingly becoming more and more popular.

  • Mobile

    Let us help you impress your precious customers with your next iOS or Android mobile app.

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